1- Keynote Speech - David Minster, NA2AA, CEO of ARRL

3D Printer Basics - Ron Jones K7RJ - with Q&A

3D Printing Microwave Antennas By Karen Rucker KG5GAK.mp4

5 Fun Things for Youth to Do With Ham Radio - Agnes Wagner, KE8LWP

10GHz LNB uses and Modifications, Douglas Millar K6JEY

21st Century Transceiver Design: The K4 High Performance Direct Sampling SDR - Eric Swartz, WA6HHQ

A 100W HF-6M Amplifier Project -Jim Veatch, WA2EUJ

Amateur Radio Portable Operations - John Jacobs W7DBO 720p.mp4

Amateur Space Radio Auditorium Presents a Techno Dance Party After Hours, John Brier KG4AKV

Amateurs Research Poor Radio Communications At Battle Of Arnhem - 1944, Thomas Robinson G0SBW

Another new look at verticals - Tom Schiller N6BT

An overview of Parks on the Air - Matt Heere N3NWV

Audio Building Blocks - Mark Smith KR6ZY

August 2020 Keynote Speech - Dr. Scott Wright, K0MD

Be a Merry Merry Operator - How to start /MM operations without a headache, Michal (Mike) Brennek SP2J/SP1MM

Behind the Tuning Knob -- Frequency Control Past and Present, John Ackermann N8UR

Best receiver settings for your Flex 6000 series radio, Tim Ellison W4TME

Build a Kit! Building the Cric-Key, Joe Eisenberg K0NEB

Building And Contesting On 10 GHz - Wayne Yoshida, KH6WZ

Building the Next Generation David Cripe NM0S

Build it! The NS-40 QRP Transmitter - David Cripe NM0S and Virginia Smith NV5F with Q&A

Challenges in Paradise: 30 years of Rotuma DXpeditions 1991-2021 - Antoine De Ramon N'Yeurt 3D2AG

Choosing Your Ideal Callsign, Anthony Luscre K8ZT

Citizen Science: HamSCI And The Personal Space Weather Station Project - Frances Bonte, KE8HPA

CW Academy, A Great Way to Learn CW, Eric Silverthorn NM5M

CWOps CW Academy - Learning CW - Eric Silverthorn NM5M

Cycle 24, Solar Minimum and Cycle 25 - Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA

D4C -- "You call, we answer" - Marco Rinaldi IK2LFF with Q&A

Debris Mitigation In Earth's Orbit - Anshul Makkar with Q&A

Design Notes for Solid-State RF Power Amplifiers, Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA

Detecting Earthquakes Using HF Receivers - Alex Schwarz VE7DXW with Q&A

Double Inverted HF Delta Skeleton Slot Antenna, John Portune W6NBC

Dual-band Satellite Dish Slot Antenna, Marcel Stieber AI6MS

DXCC One Bite at a time, Bill Salyers aj8b

DXing with modern Software Defined Radios - Ria Jairam N2RJ


Elecraft K4 High Performance Direct-Sampling SDR Transceiver, Eric Swartz WA6HHQ

EME On 40 Meters - Dennis Kidder, W6DQ

Everything you need to know about Lithium Batteries - Marcel Stieber AI6MS - 1440p.mp4

Everything You Need To Know About USB And Serial interfaces -Bob Wilson, N6TV

FlexRadio's Product Line Overview - JP Pacheo KG5ZZB/JU9ARV with Q&A

FlexRadio: An Introduction To Remote HF Operating - Michael Walker, VA3MW

FlexRadio PowerGenius Amplifier - Overview and Features, Dan Quigley N7HQ

FlexRadio Product Talk - Michael Walker VA3MW

FlexRadio Tuner Genius XL overview, Mack McCormick W4AX

FlexRadio with IBM's Node-RED in the Ham Shack, David de Coons WO2X

FT8 & FT4 An Introduction - Anthony Luscre, K8ZT

FT8 DXpedition Mode: Will DXing Ever Be The Same? - Ned Stearns, AA7A

Fully-Remote Amateur Radio Exam Administration - Marcel Stieber AI6MS - 1440p.mp4

Fun With Morse- Anthony Luscre, K8ZT

Get Active! Get On The Air! - Don Keith, N4KC

Getting on the Air With Amateur Radio Satellites - Tom Schuessler N5HYP

Getting Started In HF - Michael Burnette, AF7KB

Getting started in Remote HF operating, Michael Walker VA3MW

Getting Started On EME (Moon Bounce) With A Basic Station - Howard Sherer, AE3T

Getting Started with Amateur Radio Sattellites, Tom Scheussler, N5HYP

Grounding and Bonding - Ward Silver N0AX

Ham Humor: A Look at the Best Ham Radio Cartoons, Quin Schultze K8QS

Ham Radio 2.0 Live Stream, Jason Johnston KC5HWB

Ham Radio Workbench Podcast Live from the Expo, George Zafiropoulos KJ6VU

HamSCI: Science With Your Ha Radio, Phil Erickson W1PJE

Having Fun With VHF - Bob Witte, K0NR

HEMA what it is and where is it going, Edward Durrant DD5LP


High-Speed Radio Communications - The NEFR, Tim Carter W3ATB

High Flying Kids with HABs!- Jack McElroy KM4ZIA

High Speed CW in Your Head, George Allison K1IG

History, the GI Bill, and Economics of Restoration, Paul Topolski W1SEX

History of Phase IV Work - DMT from Open Research Institute, Robert McGwier

Hollow-State Homebrewing - Grayson Evans, KJ7UM

How (and Why) to Organize an Amateur Radio Special Event - Steve Masticola WX2S

How the Ionosphere Really Works - Eric Nichols KL7AJ

How to have a contact or QSO for new hams on HF, Jim Heath W6LG

How to have a contact or QSO for new hams on HF - Jim Heath W6LG with Q&A

How To Run A Ham Radio Station at an Event For a Large Number Of Youth - Ron Bilinsky VA7RTB

How To Solder, Steve Johnston WD8DAS

Implementation of LDPC encoder on FPGA, Anshul Makkar

Introduction to Amateur Radio Satellites, Douglas Quagliana KA2UPW

Introduction to Antenna Aperture, Robert Zavrel W7SX with Q&A

Introduction to Digital Amateur Television, Amateur Television Network (ATN)

Is 3 dB Worth A Divorce? - Glenn Johnson, W0GJ

K9CT Station Tour and a peak at 2021 enhancements, Craig Thompson K9CT

Kit Building Techniques For Success Joe Eisenberg K0NEB


Learn to Solder Workshop, Rex Harper W1REX

Let's BUILD something! Rex Harper W1REX

Linux in the Ham Shack, Russ Woodman K5TUX

Low Band Receive Antennas for All Yards, Gary Sutcliffe W9XT

Machine Learning and Ham Radio, ID of HF/VHF Signals, Bob McGwier N4HY

Makers, Youth and Ham Radio, Wayne Yoshida KH6WZ

Mountain Goats and Shack Sloths & Marconi and me A QRP adventure in Italy -Don Minkoff NK6A

My favorite DXpeditions to DXCC "top 10-most wanted", Bob Allphin k4UEE

My years with Dentron Radio Company 1981-1983, George Misic KE8RN

N4KGL Greg Lane Salt Water Effect Fact Or Fiction

Neil Rapp - What is YOTA - An Overview

Neil Rapp - YOTA 2021 Promo.mp4

New Student Experiences in University of Puerto Rico, Dr. Oscar Renta KP4RF

old - Getting on the Air With Amateur Radio Satellites, Tom Schuessler N5HYP

OLD - History of Phase 4 Satellite Work, Bob McGwier N4HY

OLD - History of Phase IV Work - DMT from Open Research Institute, Robert McGwier

PackTenna: Think Like A Backpacker - George Zafiropoulos, KJ6VU

Pipeline type radio wave propagation, Andras Bato HA6NN

Portable HF Operating - Mike Dahlhofer, K8MRD

Qatar Oscar-100 Satellite - Zvi Segal, 4Z1ZV

QSL Confidential - Jeff Murray, K1NSS

RaDAR - Rapid Deployment Amateur radio, Eddie Leighton ZS6BNE

Rebranding Amateur / Ham Radio - ICQ Podcast Live from the Expo, Colin Butler M6BOY

Receiving WSPR and FT8 on all bands at once using GNU Radio and RTL SDRs - Mark Smith KR6ZY, Derek Kozel MW0LNA and Q&A

Remote Labs for P4XT Engineering Development, Paul Williamson KB5MU

Salt Water Amplifier: Key To QRP SSB DX - Thomas Robinson, G0SBW

SatNav Today, John Ackermann N8UR

Scratch-building 101: How to design, build and enjoy your own QRP rig, Paul Taylor VK3HN

Send an Amateur Radio Balloon around the World, Bill Brown WB8ELK

Send an Amateur Radio Balloon around the World - Bill Brown WB8ELK

Shack from Scratch - Vance Martin, N3VEM

Software Defined Radio - expanding the capabilities of Ham Radio!, Steve Brightman KI5ENW

Software Defined Radio as a Platform, Steve Hicks N5AC

Solar Cycle 25 Predictions, Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA

Solving the ITAR and EAR problem for the Amateur Radio Satellite Service, Michelle Thompson W5NYV

SOTA with the Elecraft KX2 with HB9NBG and HB9FZC

SOTA with the Elecraft KX2 with HB9NBG and HB9FZC with Q&A

SOTA with the the Elecraft KX2, Rene Lutz HB9NBG

Summits On The Air Practical Tips To Maximize Your SOTA Experience, Keith Schlottman, KR7RK

Systems Integration For Amateur Radio - Ria Jairam N2RJ 2

Teaching Online Ham Classes, Dan Romanchik KB6NU

The 630 - Meter Band: Is it Practical for Amateur Use?

The Elecraft Power Combo: KPA500 and KAT500, Bob Wolbert K6XX

The LAN in today's HamShack, Dan Quigley N7HQ

The New Frontier of CW Operating, Peter Butler W1UU

The Science Behind the Pings - Meteor Scatter Propagation, Rob Suggs NN4NT with Q&A

The Search For Amelia Earhart's L10E - Tom Vinson, NY0V

The Search for Earhart's L10E: Replicating Earhart's HF Comm Link, Tom Vinson NY0V

The Slot Antenna: Undiscovered Country for Most Hams - John Portune, W6NBC

The State QSO Party Challenge, Anthony Luscre K8ZT

The Storied History of the Ham Radio Callsign, Mike Ritz W7VO

Tips for being a Better Contest Operator - Randy Thompson K5ZD

Top 5 Station Accessories Every Ham Needs to Have, Don Keith N4KC

Two Simple HF Antennas - Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA.mp4

Underdog Contesting, Fred Regennitter K4IU

Using Drones for Amateur Radio, Michael Walker VA3MW

Using the Arduino In Your Shack, Michael Foerster W0IH

VHF Contesting, Jim Wilson K5ND

VP6R - An Overview of the Pitcairn DXpedition, Glenn Johnson W0GJ

VP6R 160 Meters: Mutiny on the Bands! - Glenn Johnson, W0GJ

Welcome To The Arduino - Glen Popiel KW5GP

Women and Girls in STEM, Specifically Ham Radio!- Audrey McElroy KM4BUN

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Working with Youth in Amateur Radio, Anthony Luscre K8ZT

Youth Forum - Carole Perry WB2MGP

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​Youth in Ham Radio - Carole Perry WB2MGP