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Leonardelli John VE3IPS

John Leonardelli VE3IPS/VE3IQ/K6WR has been a ham since 1975. His SWL and high school ham radio interest led him to pursue an electrical engineering career and degrees in Communications and Telecommunications technology. As a member of the Metro Amateur Radio Club, John obtained his basic and advanced license. John's primary interests in ham radio include: Building ham-related gadgets and antennas (he has a well-equipped electronics lab at home), restoring boat anchor radios, QRP, contesting, portable and mobile HF operation with a focus on Parks on the Air and Summits on the Air. John is also active from 51 to 1296 Mhz with a portable rover set up used in the various VHF contests typically from high points in the province. John manages the Ontario SOTA section, Toronto Baofeng Users Group as well as the Toronto QRP Society and is active in teaching radio classes as well as being a volunteer examiner. John is involved with the York Region Amateur radio Club in various management/board roles and is passionate about increasing member’s participation in activities. The past few years has been growing the hobby at the Youth level with Boy Scouts and Venturer Scouts getting licensed and participating in JOTA.