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Johnston Alan KU2Y

Dr Alan B. Johnston got his start in electronics and radio as a teenager when he got his ham radio extra class license, call sign KU2Y. He built satellite antennas, and tracked satellites, and communicated using the AMSAT OSCAR-8 satellite.  Since 2018 he has served as AMSAT’s Vice President for Educational Relations.  He has developed the AMSAT CubeSat Simulator, a functional satellite model, which has been used in a number of high school and college classrooms to teach STEM, space, and radio concepts. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University.  He worked for over twenty-five years in the telecommunications and internet communications industry, contributing to IETF standards and becoming a recognized expert in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC). He is on the faculty of Villanova University Electrical and Computer Engineering Department as a Teaching Professor, where he is the faculty advisor of the Villanova University CubeSat Club and the Amateur Radio Club W3YP.  He has written five technical books and the technothriller novel "Counting from Zero", and holds over a dozen US patents.