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Hoffman Roland KC6JPG

A broadcast / video engineer by trade, Roland earned his HAM ticket in 1990 and discovered amateur television in 1993 when he learned that one of the ATV repeaters in the Los Angeles area was transmitting the NASA Select feed. After setting up his ATV receiving station, he was baffled as instead of seeing the space shuttle on the TV screen, he saw a man rocking in a chair with the callsign KA6DPS. That began a long relationship Dave - KA6DPS and with the many ham television operators within the southwestern United States that would be our amateur television "family". Today, Roland is the Digital Systems Director and Net Controller for the Amateur Television Network's "The Weekly Net" bringing many ATV'ers throughout the United States and the world to check-in on Wednesday mornings at 0330 UTC (Tuesdays at 7:30pm Pacific Standard Time). Roland enjoys sharing his broadcasting talents and ATV experience to our HAMS of our past, in the present, and to our future as our technology continues to change and improve.