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Buehring Martin KB4MG

Martin (Marty) Buehring, KB4MG, was first licensed in 1966 as WN9WEX as a novice, then as WA9WEX as a Technician. Marty had a Heathkit 50 Watt CW rig and a Hallicrafters SW receiver. Ham radio became a springboard to Marty attending college at the University of Illinois and Southern Illinois University to obtain his BSEE (Electrical Engineering) degree, but he had no real time ham radio back then. After graduation he worked for Motorola as a computer designer, then for many years for Signetics/Philips Semiconductor in applications engineering. This led to a career in electronic design automation (EDA) initially with a start-up called Silicon Compilers. This technology was later purchased by Mentor Graphics, which was a leader in the EDA marketplace. Marty worked as a technical expert in various areas of EDA. Before retiring in 2022, Mentor was acquired by Siemens, and Marty was a Field Director for the Silicon Lifecycle Solutions, which focused on the testing of the most complex and advanced microchips ever made. He retested for his license in 2013 and 2014 to get an Amateur Extra class license and call sign KB4MG. He now acts as the President of the Cherokee Amateur Radio Society in Woodstock, Georgia, and was recently published in QST magazine about growing a club.