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Savetz Kay K6KJN

Kay got his Novice ticket in 1989, Extra in 2022. Kay's dad, Steve Savetz, earned his ham ticket in 1955. After he passed, Kay adopted his call, K6KJN.  Kay is curator of the Internet Archive's [Digital Library of Amateur Radio and Communications]( DLARC is quickly growing to become an important archive of radio’s past and present, including ham radio, shortwave listening, scanners, and related communications. It includes thousands of amateur radio books, journals and magazines, ham club newsletters, software, and other collections. Kay is also co-host of [Antic: The Atari 8-Bit Podcast](, where they have published more than 400 oral history interviews with people involved with the early home computer industry; and [Eaten By A Grue](, a podcast about interactive fiction.